Skillhouse always strives to provide you with the best benefits supporting your work, health and hobby interests.
Welcome! We are delighted to offer all of our Skillhouse registered candidates, working staff and alumni access to on-going education programs to ensure you continuously gain new skills. Acquiring new skills and experience are the building blocks to a successful career. In line with our corporate philosophy, we are focused on not only finding you the best career opportunity at above market compensation, but to also ensure you grow continuously. As a result, our team continues to work extremely hard to find the best combination of career development tools, training programs and reference materials.
Below are some of the benefits Skillhouse provides with work, fun and health in mind.

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Skill-Up Support

Skillhouse University

In addition to providing you with a position that best meets your career objectives and working environment, we also provide on-going training to ensure that you continuously gain new skills that provides you the opportunity to expand your career goals. We have established Skillhouse University to address all of working staff’s language, business and IT training needs.

Skillhouse University

Test Payback System

Skillhouse encourages the professional growth and advancement of each of our working staff’s careers. One way we do this is by paying you back for the test fee of approved tests upon successfully obtaining a certificate related to your job or career goals. With new and more certifications to bolster your resume you’ll quickly find yourself moving higher up the ladder of success. Apply for approval for the Test Payback System by emailing the Skillhouse Personnel Department with the name, date and cost of the test you’re interested in.

Paid Holidays

Skillhouse working staff who work more than six-months (consecutively) are entitled to receive paid holidays. The number of days awarded is determined by the number of accumulated workdays. Unused paid holidays expire after two years. Paid holidays cannot be carried over if there is more than a seven calendar day gap between two jobs.

Health Insurance

Skillhouse supports all working staff (with two-months or longer contract) with administrative procedures to receive Health Insurance, Employee’s Pension Insurance and Employment Insurance. Insurance fees are determined based on salary. Skillhouse supports 50% of the costs for Health Insurance and Employment Pension Insurance. For details of health insurance please view the website of TKJ.

Health Checks

Skillhouse provides employer-paid annual health checks to our working staff to ensure we all maintain a sound and healthy body.

Discount Membership Club

Skillhouse working staff can enjoy membership discounts for travel packages, accommodations, sport and fitness clubs, shopping, gourmet foods, and so much more.

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Defined Contribution Plan (Pension)

Skillhouse working staff on renewable contracts that are, in principle, three months or longer have the option of contributing to a separate Defined Contribution Plan for Japanese retirement savings. In addition to contributing to your savings for retirement in Japan, this has the added benefit of reducing income tax and social insurance payments.

You can choose your contribution amount up to 55,000 JPY per month and will be provided with a wide variety of investment options. You can also easily transfer Defined Contribution Plans from previous companies or private participation to Skillhouse to build on what you have already contributed. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the Skillhouse Personnel Department.