About Skillhouse

What kind of positions does Skillhouse introduce?

Skillhouse specializes mainly in IT-related positions.

About Contract/Haken and Permanent Employment

What is "Haken"? What kind of working style is it?

In the case of a "Haken" contract, the employment contract is made between you and Skillhouse, although you work at a client company. Salary payment and social benefits for employees are provided by Skillhouse.

What is the difference between Haken and placement? What kind of benefits does Haken provide?

For Haken staff, salary and benefits are provided by Skillhouse, which is your Haken company. If you have any problems at your place of work, you can consult with and receive advice from the Skillhouse Personnel Department.

What is a "Shokai Yotei Haken" contract? What are the advantages?

A "Shokai Yotei Haken" contract refers to a temp-to-perm contract. Before working as a permanent employee, you will start working as a Haken staff member. When you and the client company agree to continue your employment, you will be converted to permanent employee status with the client company. Advantages of a Shokai Yotei Haken include being able to experience the work, required tasks and company culture before you commit to permanent employment, reducing the number of "gaps" before and after you commit to working for the company on a permanent basis.

Is it possible to become a permanent employee of the client company if the contract is not a Shokai Yotei Haken contract?

Even if the contract is not a Shokai Yotei Haken contract, there are many opportunities where you may be asked to become a permanent employee at the client company. This varies depending on the client's head count situation, but if it is an opportunity you as a staff member would like to accept, we will be happy to support your decision.

About the Process

How can I register with Skillhouse?

To register at Skillhouse, please start by entering some basic information about yourself on our website. After you have completed this step, you will be contacted by one of our Marketing & Recruitment Coordinators to arrange a short registration/consultation meeting with a dedicated Candidate Coordinator via Zoom or here in our office. During the meeting, your Candidate Coordinator will conduct a more thorough registration/consultation process by inquiring about your experience, skills and expectations while providing you with more detailed information about Skillhouse.


How long does it take to register with Skillhouse?

The Skillhouse registration/consultation meeting will take about one hour. We aim to collect as much information as possible in order to find you the right opportunities. The duration of the meeting will vary depending on your background and skills.

I am a student. Can I register?

Skillhouse mainly supports mid-career job seekers, so it is difficult to support those without work experience.

Applying for Positions and our Support System

How long does it take from registration to position introduction?

Usually, at the end of the registration/consultation process, we will introduce you to positions matched to your interests and expectations. The time this takes may vary depending on your background and skills, etc. Skillhouse will introduce you to multiple different opportunities simultaneously when there are matches.

I would like to use my English. How much English is required? / I am from overseas. How much Japanese is required?

We have many positions where you can use your English and/or Japanese. We also provide language assessment at registration.

Who should I contact when I have a problem working for a company as a Skillhouse staff member?

For any problems or concerns related to your work or career, a Skillhouse Personnel Coordinator will provide you with close support.

Social Benefits

What type of benefits does Skillhouse provide?

Skillhouse provides various benefits to staff members, including but not limited to:

  • Skillhouse University: discount partnership with various business schools throughout Tokyo to promote professional development
  • Test Payback System: support for IT and language-related certification for continued career growth
  • Defined Contribution Pension System: similar to 401K, an optional personal pension contribution scheme to boost retirement savings and enjoy related tax and social insurance-saving benefits
  • Discount Membership Program: various discount packages and promotions at restaurants, hotels and more through Skilhouse’s health insurance provider


Are any fees involved with receiving services from Skillhouse?

There are no fees required from candidates during any process at Skillhouse.

Can you guarantee positions?

We cannot guarantee to match you to a position, but we always do our best to find you a suitable position.

How long will it take to get an offer?

In the case of a permanent position, it will depend on the client company and their requirements for the process. In the case of a Haken contract, the process tends to be shorter.

What do I need when I sign a Haken contract at Skillhouse?

You will need a photo ID and your Pension Book. A Skillhouse Personnel Coordinator will inform you of and explain the necessary procedures depending on your situation. Please feel free to ask questions at any stage of the process.