Privacy Policy

1. Skillhouse Staffing Solutions K.K. (hereby called ‘Skillhouse’) is to declare that as an IT engineer staffing company we are carefully handling personal information obtained from registered candidates, clients and other relevant companies.
Collection of Personal Information
Skillhouse may collect personal information including categories of personally identifiable data. However, the data we collect is provided by the holder directly or upon consensus. All information we collect is handled for the purposes set in Purposes of Use below. We restrict access rights and implement a monitoring system to prevent any inappropriate use of Personal Information. Provision of personal information is voluntary, however, if you choose not to provide your information, we may not be able to provide our services. Information collected is not shared with or outsourced to a third party without explicit written consent.
2. Compliance with Protection of Personal Information
Skillhouse conforms to the ‘Protection of Personal Information Act (Article 4-1)’ statutory regulations and compliance programs. We set internal rules and regulations to ensure compliance and have appointed a Chief Privacy Officer for our comprehensive training.
3. Data Protection
Skillhouse set adequate security measures to prevent any leaks of or damage to Personal Information. If we face any unexpected problem regarding Personnel Information, we will inform the holders of the relevant Personal Information and will take an immediate action. Skillhouse has implemented reasonable technology to maintain our collected data in order to prevent illegal access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, and leakage. Skillhouse authorizes only the appointed internal staff to handle the personal data and those staff are to comply with the regulations for duty of confidentiality.
4. Complaints Handling
Our Personnel Department Manager is in charge of managing personal information. If you have any queries or complaints regarding our policy or wish to have your personal data removed from our records, contact us at the email address below. Please note that depending on the nature of your query, we may require you to identify yourself to avoid false claims of identity. Personal information you provide is maintained within Skillhouse and discarded after a certain period of time. We cannot return applications or personal information you submit as digital data or in document form.
5. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management
We are actively engaged in the continuous improvement of our personal information protection management. Appropriate management and protection of personal information is of the utmost importance for us, and is the foundation for building trust with clients, candidates, and other stakeholders.
6. Company President Information
Mark Smith, President, Skillhouse Staffing Solutions K.K.
7. Revisions
December 1, 2004 Created
June 23, 2010 Revised
January 1, 2013 Revised
January 1, 2021 Revised
April 17, 2023 Revised
June 15, 2023 Final Revision
8. Contact Information for Questions Regarding this Policy
Contact Person: Personal Department Manager
Tel: 03-5408-5070 Fax: 03-5408-0506
Purposes of Use
Skillhouse stores and uses personal information it collects for the following purposes:
At registration
- To ensure accurate and optimal employment
- For evaluation and selection of employment opportunities
- For business communication and notification for above purposes
When candidates apply for jobs
- To provide information on employment opportunities
- For employment selection and post-employment procedures
When employed by Skillhouse (including temporary, contract, in-house and part-time employees)
- To manage HR-related information of employees
- For employee welfare, safety, tax and security management
- To provide training and education to employees
- To communicate with employees regarding other business matters that may arise in the course of operations
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