Skillhouse provides unparalleled career services for IT professionals, focused on your needs and interests. This combination of "high-tech" and "high-touch" gives you the best possible opportunities. As a candidate you will experience the following process:

Begin the process by completing our web signup, by uploading a resume, OR by applying to any one of our many positions.


We will screen your resume to ensure we have appropriate positions to match your background. We will contact those who we can offer our services to. If you do not have a resume, but would like to set up a consultation or have any questions please contact

Consultation Scheduling

We will contact you via phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation to register with us. At your consultation meeting, you will be assigned a specialized consultant to provide you with professional career counseling and support, introduce any opportunities that match your background and expectations, and guide you through every step of the application process.

Process: Consultation to Job Offer

Schedule a career consultation with one of our trusted professional consultants and officially register with us. What are you looking for in your next opportunity? Work life balance? Flexibility? Higher pay? Skill up? Once our consultant knows your skill set and career goals and interests, they will begin matching you to potential opportunities. Registration is complete upon filling out our Registration Card, which will be explained at your consultation.

An attractive resume (CV) is necessary to present your skills in the best way. Your specially assigned experienced consultant will help you get your resume into top shape. Once we are confident with your application, we will submit it to your desired position.

Your consultant will be there to help prepare you for interviews beforehand and will guide you each step of the way. We will help you to face any interview with confidence and show you off at your best.

We ensure you get the best package possible!

Permanent Positions: We will be there to support you until your first starting day. Your consultant will negotiate the best salary and working conditions on your behalf.

Haken Positions: Welcome to the team! We will continue to work towards your professional development and career path. Your specially assigned personnel staff will schedule an orientation to go over benefits and paperwork. Once you begin working, we will follow up to ensure your success and satisfaction with your position.