Register to begin your new career search.

Skillhouse 03-5408-5070

You can either register using the on-line form and hit the send button or simply call us. Your coordinator will gather information related to your skills and experience and begin qualifying opportunities that match your interests.


Counseling, Registration and Opportunities

Registration and career counseling with your Candidate Coordinator is followed by job-position matching. (Your Candidate Coordinator will identify opportunities and confirm your interest in applying.)


The Account Executive will submit your professional information to the client management.

Follow up after applying

If a client requires any meetings( in case of placement), the Account Executive for the specific client you are applying to will meet you prior to the client meeting to prepare you and ensure you are able to reach the interview without difficulty.

Acceptance (Placement)

If successful, the Candidate Coordinator will provide you with specific position details and benefits and the Account Executive will obtain the offer letter directly from the client.

Acceptance (Haken contract)

If position details are accepted, a Skillhouse Personnel Coordinator will arrange a time for orientation where the employment contract will be given. From this point, the Personnel Coordinator will provide you with employment and career development support. You are now a Skillhouse working staff . Welcome to our team!

Skillhouse team

Skillhouse provides unparalleled career services via four distinct business units all focused on your needs and interests. The combination of "high-tech" and "high-touch" gives you the best possible opportunities. As a candidate you will experience the following process.

Recruitment Department

Our Recruitment Department is focused on attracting and assigning IT and Administrative candidates to professional Skillhouse Candidate Coordinators to commence your registration process.

Candidate Coordinator Department

Your dedicated Candidate Coordinator will register you as an applicant and begin matching your background and interests to those available in the market. Our mission here is to determine roles that meet your on-going career objectives.

Account Executive (Sales) Department

The Skillhouse Account Executive Department is client-facing and is tasked with finding the most interesting, best paying and most dynamic career opportunities in the marketplace.

Personnel Department

Personnel Coordinators provide all support to working staff. In addition, a Personnel Coordinator will manage all of your entitled Skillhouse benefits.